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Icepiercer (Ancient)


Icepiercer is an ancient gun that was originally obtainable by purchasing the 20th tier in the Battle Pass for 75,000 Snow Tokens during the 2022 Christmas Event. It is now only obtainable through trading as the event has since ended.

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It is the seventh ancient weapon to be obtained by purchasing the final tier in an event, the others being Elderwood Scythe, Logchopper, Hallowscythe, Icebreaker, Harvester, and Swirly Axe. It is the second ancient gun to be released in the game, the first being Harvester. It is the second gun in Murder Mystery 2 to have a unique shooting sound effect when you use it, the first again being Harvester. There are red, bronze, silver, and gold reskin variants of this gun, which were awarded as unique trophies for placing in the top 100 during the 2022 Christmas Event. It was designed by IDontHaveAUse. There was a bug that lasted for two days where this gun appeared as a godly instead of an ancient. However, this issue was soon resolved on December 23rd, 2022.

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