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How are the item(s) delivered?

The item(s) are delivered in game, via Roblox in place the item(s) which you purchased. We will friend each other on Roblox by nicknames and will join a private server, a link to which our employees will provide you to complete the transaction. Make sure you have trades enabled. You must have a good internet connection to accept a trade.

How to find your nickname in Roblox?

From PC: You go to your profile (left corner) below the inscription Roblox above the inscription Home and copy the nickname in @nickname format written next to the avatar.

From a smartphone: You go to your profile (left corner) below the inscription Home above the inscription Friends and copy the nickname in @nickname format located below the avatar.

When will I receive my item(s)?

The item(s) that you purchase will be received from less than an hour to about a day depending on how busy is our employees as long as you send me your username and respond to messages sent to you! Mostly delivery takes 5-10 minutes. If it seems to take longer than day, please send me a message and we can quickly get it.

Is this legit (legal)? Can I get banned from the game?

Don’t worry! We are professionals in e-commerce and RMT (Real Money Trading) and we know all about all game rules. Everything will be legal and very legit! We tell you how to do trade if the game in which you bought the item(s) has specific rules for trading and transferring things. We make sure to keep everything as safe and secure for both you and us.

Will I be scammed?

Absolutely impossible. We have our own company in the European Union (Italy), payment is made through our PayPal business and other payment instruments that have checked and approved us. All transactions are RECORDED for Buyer and Seller safety. Our team started with simple trades of things we got by ourselves in the game, and as people who has been scammed many times in the past, we know just how bad it feels. We want everyone in the transaction to be satisfied with what they get!

Will you trade?

We do not trade as it can make things complicated with the inventory of items we have, and what is displayed on our site. All items we get from our trusted farmers to make sure that it not dupe or get by scam.

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