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Murder Mystery 2 also known as "MM2" is a Roblox experience created in 2014 by Nikilis. It's always in the top 10 of all most popular Roblox experiences, and top 5 survival-type and horror-type Roblox experiences. The game is based off a Garry's Mod game mode called Murder. Game has 3 main and 1 additional playable teams: murderer, sheriff, innocents and heroes. The main purpose of the game for the murderer is to kill the sheriff and all the innocents, the main purpose of the sheriff is to find and shoot the murderer, the main purpose of the innocent is to survive, for this it is best to help the sheriff find the murderer or hide. Murderer have a knife to kill sheriff and innocents, sheriff have a gun to shoot murderer. Innocents have no weapon, but innocent can take sheriff's gun if he's get killed, and become a hero (fourth additional playable team of the MM2 game). A server holds up to twelve players. MM2 has three mods, that can be switched at any time by the user: Casual, Hardcore, and Assassin mod.Mimja.net sell almost all MM2 ingame items. Scroll down and choose what you like!

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