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Killers are the main threat of Survive the Killer. Killers have their own animation when the round starts like Dread, Voldar, Malvus The Magician, and Scarlett. Killers earn 20 XP and a soul when a survivor dies, either the survivor dies by you, glitching, etc. Each soul sells for 15 coins, which is the average price of a legendary loot, so if you manage to kill 10 (without Premium) or 12 (with Premium) survivors, you are able to earn 150 coins (without Premium) or 180 coins (with Premium). All killers except for non-tradable ones can be obtained up to a maximum limit of 20.And of course you can buy almost all killers in the game in our Survive the killer shop Mimja.net! Scroll down and choose what you like!

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